is a one stop solution to service of process services in the District of Columbia directed at Registered Agents who represent Telecommunication companies and carriers in Washington D.C.

We serve legal documents and all types of notifications and demand letters to DC Registered Agents. The services of have earned nationwide acceptance in the legal profession for on time service of process and executing a perfect proof and affidavit of service upon completion of each service.

Our DC Process Servers offer availability whenever and wherever you need them. Our office staff is available to assist you immediately and our Process Servers are on call and available to expedite your documents to any Registered Agent in all fifty states, D.C and Puerto Rico.

What Is Process Serving Service for Registered Agents?

We are Process Servers who deliver urgent and time sensitive documents to Registered Agents. What we do is provide service of process service which is giving notice that there is a lawsuit or court order filed against corporate entity or perhaps a subpoena for records or trial. Usually, this involves serving a defendant or witness corporation with a summons, legal documents, or a subpoena at its Registered Agent office.

In the case of serving a corporation or business, the summons, legal documents, notices, demands, or subpoena it is required we serve its Registered Agent properly. When we serve process upon a Registered Agent the court obtains jurisdiction over the corporate entity. In addition to receiving service of process in connection with a lawsuit against or a subpoena for the corporation directly, the Registered Agent receives other critical and time sensitive documents, such as, but not limited to:

Can a Telecom or any Registered Agent refuse to accept service from a Process Server?

Occasionally we must "Drop Service" on an uncooperative Registered Agent. When an employee of the Registered Agent who is legally permitted and required to accept service will refuse to take the documents, we leave them anyway. Depending on the situation, this could occur at any time or place. If we are certain the named corporation and Registered Agent is correct, we will serve the papers regardless of the Agent's employee resistance or uncooperative attitude. The Registered Agent must accept service even if it means we leave the documents on their desk, at their feet or anywhere were the papers can be easily seen and retrieved by the agent or employee of the agent. We only do this when necessary and in the presence of the employee at the Registered Agent office.

Serving a Registered Agent anywhere in America.

When you send us your service to be served on Registered Agent office, for example, ABC Corp. c/o John Smith, the rules of service that apply whether John Smith is the corporate Registered Agent, an officer or simply accepting the papers on the behalf of ABC Corp as the attorney or Registered Agent. Serving process upon Registered Agents is much easier than if serving a person and is usually completed quicker.

Process serving a business could be complicated. However, serving its Registered Agent gives you the convenience, reassurance and accountability service of your legal documents and avoids typical complications or errors. Retaining process servers to serve a Registered Agent also gives you access to your own online account, so when you are ready to check on status, need information or require file copies you can do so 24/7. All file information will be at all your fingertips!

Process Serving Specialist Servicing the District of Columbia

We are the industry leader in process serving Registered Agents and are proud to have the most experienced, hardworking, and dedicated process servers in America. A.C.E, Inc can handle all types of process serving directed at Registered Agents regardless of their office location. Your service is our business. Your business is our priority.

Flat fee offerings for any service of process for Registered Agents or corporate entities.


A staggering number of process services are challenged due to insufficient service resulting in adversarial hearings or motions to quash service. We have heard more about this during the past few years and it only seems to be getting more popular as a defense to stall or move to dismiss cases. Now, more than ever, is the time for your Process Server to make sure service is made in strict compliance to the laws of the issuing jurisdiction. Be it Federal USDC Law, State Law, County Law or FCC rules, service of process must be effectuated properly. If not handled properly, you may lose, your client may loose and we all are screwed, to say the least. Our Process Servers get service done right the first time, no doubt, no speculation, only a service of process completed as it is supposed to be. There are only two ways to serve a Registered Agent or corporate entity; the wrong way and the right way. We guarantee your service will be handle properly and the effectuated the right way.

There are many benefits when you utilize A.C.E., Inc., Process Servers to serve legal process upon a Registered Agent office. You get added value when you hire A.C.E., Inc. Process Servers

These are some of the benefits A.C.E. offers you*:

* A dedicated professional nationwide process services agency for decades of experience

* Consistent standards and methods

* Reliability and Professionalism

* Serving every Registered Agent in the Nation without fail.

* Technologically secure, advanced and accessibility assured

* We are accredited

* We are diligent

* We are registered

* We are licensed

* We are dedicated

* Our Process Servers are thorough

* We do not have complaints or legal actions as a business and no issues with any employee or agent.

* Process Servers offer and provide services you can trust

* Our Process Servers strive to make every service of process easy and efficient