Why does the FCC require a Washington DC Registered Agent? All fifty states in America like their citizens to be able to track down representatives of companies from other states. They do not like the idea of an entity that is hard to reach simply because its office is across the border, especially if that entity does business within the state. States want to be sure that their regulators and tax collectors do not have too hard a time finding a local stand-in for a company, regardless of where that company makes its home, and they want their own citizens to have relatively easy access to a Registered Agent. However, this is not the case with Telecommunication Companies. The identity of all Telecom Company Registered Agents must be of public record and maintain an office in the District of Columbia which is in accordance with FCC law. This is where we step in to assist you. We know who the registered agents are and where they are located.

Why is a DC Telecom Company Registered Agent is Required?

The identity of a Telecom Company Registered Agent can change, provided that the FCC regulatory body is notified of the new agent's identity in DC through an updated filing.

What is required for service of process?

Formal personal delivery of documents for both types of service (Summons and Complaint, Subpoenas) is required and important because these documents impose legal obligations on the person or entity they are delivered to. Failure to comply with these court orders can result in penalties

What is service of a Telecom Summons and Complaint?

Service of a Summons and Complaint is a process to compel someone to appear in court to defend against a lawsuit. It involves presenting to the telecom entity sued (the defendant) a Complaint in which the entity or person suing (the plaintiff) describes its legal claims and should always be accompanied by a Summons, requiring a defendant to respond in court. There is specific requirements for serving a lawsuit on a telecom company. Plaintiffs and their attorney's always hire a professional process server to comply with these requirements.

What is a Telecom Subpoena?

A subpoena is a legal document that commands a trucking and transportation entity to testify as a witness at a specified time and place (at a deposition, trial, or other hearing), and/or to produce documents or other tangible objects in a legal proceeding. Subpoenas are time-sensitive with court-imposed deadlines.

What is the main function of the Telecom Company Registered Agent?

The main function of the Telecom Company Registered Agent is to receive important legal notices, subpoena's, and Lawsuit on behalf of its telecommunications company client. Typical documents delivered to the Telecom Company Registered Agent are Service of Process which is a notification of a pending lawsuit.

Please BE ADVISED, there is only one way to serve Telecom Company DC Registered Agent, and that is the correct way!

The way you address or direct your documents is essential to effectuate a successful service upon Telecom Company DC Registered Agent.

Here is the manner and proper wording of the document addressed to the Telecom Company Registered Agent

Be sure to Address your documents as follows:

The Name of the Telecommunication Company (Name / Entity)

c/o Registered Agent Name


City, State and Postal Code

As you can see its basic and simple formatting that is required.

Please remember to construct the address as follows:

1. The Name of the Telecommunications Corporate Entity you are serving process upon

2. You must have the words, In Care of, or c/o, of its Registered Agent

3. The address of the office where you want the serve the Telecom Company Registered Agent

4. DC and the Postal Code

Please be advised, Telecom Company Registered Agent will not accept your documents if the name of the subject entity is spelled wrong or is missing characters. Otherwise, the Telecom Company DC Registered Agent will accept your documents and forward same to the appropriate authorized person or department associated with the subject entity.

PLEASE BE ADVISED, there are numerous incorrect ways that will prevent you from serving process upon a Telecom Company DC Registered Agent. Here is a list of common mistakes law offices makes and should be avoided entirely.

1. DO NOT try to serve a corporate director or any individual employee by name. Only direct your paperwork to the subject entity and in care of Telecom Company DC Registered Agent

2. DO NOT address Telecom Company DC Registered Agent as the subject, always list the subject entity first and the in care of (c/o) Telecom Company DC Registered Agent second.

3. Always make sure the telecom entity name is spelled as it appears in the DC Secretary of State records. If you spell the subject entity name wrong and or omit any characters, your service will be rejected. The spelling must be correct and the type of entity i.e., "LLC, PA, Inc., Corp, LP, etc. must be correct.

4. Always make sure the subject entity is referenced within the legal documents. If your documents are court issued, you must have the defendant/witness/respondent name in the case style and or in the summons, citation, order, writ, complaint and or subpoena.

To properly serve legal process upon a Telecom Company DC Registered Agent, you can depend upon A.C.E., Process Servers to guide you through the process and to be ready to get serve your subpoena or court documents when you are!