We Deliver Subpoenas, Notifications, Demand Letters, and Serve Court Documents to Bennet & Bennet, PLLC

Ganado Telephone Company, Inc. is just one of the companies, registered agent, Bennet & Bennet, PLLC accepts service of process for.

Ganado Telephone Company, Inc.

c/o, Bennet & Bennet, PLLC

5185 MacArthur Boulevard, NW

District of Columbia


Please be advised, we are not affiliated with Bennet & Bennet, PLLC or Ganado Telephone Company, Inc.. We are Process Servers who travel to their office and deliver legal documents in person only. We do not call or email them, and do have any contact information. So please refrain from contacting us for their phone number or email address. However, If you need our office to personally engage Bennet & Bennet, PLLC or Ganado Telephone Company, Inc., we will do so in person.

Your options for serving process upon Bennet & Bennet, PLLC are unlimited with A.C.E Process Servers. Each service request has its own personality, timeline, directives, and requirements. As such, you are guaranteed we will perform your service at the registered agents office precisely as needed.

Bennet & Bennet, PLLC, Located in the District of Columbia

* Same Day Process Service available, three hour lead time.

* Next Day Process Service available, twelve hour lead time.

* We are available to assist you today, tomorrow or any other days, no worries!

Bennet & Bennet, PLLC

Is the Registered Agent for:

Ganado Telephone Company, Inc.

5185 MacArthur Boulevard, NW

District of Columbia, 20016