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Washington D.C. Process Servers Deliver Subpoenas, Time Sensitive Documents and Lawsuits to telecommunications company Registered Agents within the District of Columbia. Hire one of our local DC Process Servers today

We are not limited to serving subpoena's and delivering legal documents to Telecommunication company registered agents in D.C., we also serve and delivery legal documents to all registered agent offices regardless of the industry or profession or defendant or witness entity. We serve all corporations and registered agents in every state in America!

List of Telecommunication Companies and Carriers and the States Where They Provide Services or Products:

If you need us to assist you in any other state and for any telecommunication company process serving services, we can assist you.

Alabama: AT&T, CenturyLink, C Spire, Birch, Windstream, Fairpoint, Frontier Communications, Comcast, Charter Communications, TDS Telecom, Matrix, Cytranet, Comtech21


Alaska Communications, AlaskaTel, Alaska Power and Telephone Company, Alaska Communications, GCI, Cordova Telephone Cooperative, Matanuska Telephone Association, Tel Alaska, Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative


AT&T, CenturyLink, Cox, Crexendo Inc., Frontier Communications, Matrix, Nextiva, Windstream, TDS Telecom, Comtech21, Charter Communications, Smith Bagley Inc dba Cellular One of NE AZ


AT&T, CenturyLink, Birch, Sage Telecom, Windstream, Comcast, Ritter Communications, TDS Telecom, Matrix, Comtech21


AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier Communications, Birch, Carolina Digital Phone, Comcast, Sage Telecom, Sonic.net, Blue Casa, Windstream, Frontier Communications, Charter Communications, Pacific Telephone Company, Cox Communications, TDS Telecom, Matrix, TelePacific Communications, TCAST Communications, Wiline Internet And Voice, Consolidated Communications, ZTelco, Comtech21


CenturyLink, Comcast, Charter Communications, FairPoint, Windstream, TDS Telecom, Matrix, Comtech21, Teliax


CenturyLink, Frontier (formerly AT&T), Broadview Networks, Sage Telecom, Comcast Xfinity, Windstream, Charter Communications, Cox, Altice, Matrix, LinkUP Broadband, Comtech21


CenturyLink, Verizon, Birch, Broadview Networks CloseCall America, Atlantic Broadband, Cavalier Telephone, Comcast, Matrix, Comtech21

District of Columbia:

AT&T, CenturyLink, Verizon, Broadview Networks, Comcast Cavalier, RCN, Windstream, Matrix, Comtech21


AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier Communications,ON DRIVE TECHS, Birch, VoiceOnyx Business Phone Service, Nettalk Inc. USA, Cavalier, Northlake Telecom, CloseCall America, Access Integrated Networks, Comcast, Deltacom, Engage Communications, Fairpoint, FracTEL LLC, Windstream, Frontier Communications, Cox Communications, Charter Communications, Atlantic Broadband, TDS Telecom, Matrix, Sling Broadband, Star2Star Communications, Lightspeed Voice, Xpedeus, Comtech21, C Spire


AT&T, CenturyLink, Birch, Cavalier, Cox, Comcast, Deltacom, Windstream, Frontier Communications, Charter Communications, Cox Communications, Hargray, TDS Telecom, Matrix, Comtech21, Ellijay Telephone Company, Hart Telephone Company


Hawaiian Telcom owned by Cincinnati BellServpac, Sandwich Isles Communications, CenturyLink, Charter Communications (Statewide), Comtech21


AT&T, CenturyLink.Frontier Communications, Cable One (Boise Area), Charter Communications, TDS Telecom, Matrix, Comtech21


AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier Communications, Birch, Cavalier, Sage Telecom, CloseCall America, Consolidated Communications, Comcast, Fairpoint, Mediacom, RCN (Chicago Area), Windstream, Frontier Communications, Charter Communications, TDS Telecom, NewCore Wireless, Matrix, RangaTel, Comtech21, Madison Communications, Leaf River Telephone Company, Hamilton County Communications, Wabash Communications Co-Op, New Windsor Telephone Company, Shawnee Communications, Montrose Mutual Telephone Company, A-G Communications, HomeTel, Egyptian Telephone Cooperative, Flat Rock Telephone Co-Op, Frontier Communications


AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier CommunicationsBirch, Zentality Communications, Smithville Fiber, Sage Telecom, Comcast, Cincinnati Bell, CloseCall America, Frontier Communications, Windstream, TDS Telecom, Matrix, Charter Communications, Comtech21, Mulberry Communications, Perry-Spencer Communications, Clay County Rural Telephone d/b/a Endeavor Communications, Enhanced Telecommunications d/b/a ETC, Craigville Communications, Ligonier Telephone Company, New Paris Telephone Company, Indigital, Rochester Telephone Company, Sweetser Telephone Company, Geetingsville Telephone Company, Swayzee Communications, Yeoman Telephone Company, Daviess-Martin Telephone Company, Washington County Rural Telephone d/b/a Telemedia, Ninestar Communications, New Lisbon Telephone Company, NITCO, Metronet, Lightstream Communications.


CenturyLink, Birch, Windstream, Frontier Communications, Mediacom, Matrix, TDS Telecom, NewCore Wireless, Comtech21


AT&T, CenturyLink, Birch, Sage Telecom, Rural Telephone, CloseCall America, Cox, Fairpoint, Matrix, Charter Communications, Consolidated Communications, Comtech21, Encounter Wireless Communications


AT&T, CenturyLink, VerizonBirch, Brandenburg Telephone Company, Cincinnati Bell, Windstream, TDS Telecom, Matrix, Charter Communications, Comtech21


AT&T, CenturyLink, Birch, Cavalier, Access Integrated Networks, Deltacom, Windstream, Charter Communications, Cox, Matrix, Comtech21


Consolidated Communications (formerly FairPoint), Broadview Networks, Comcast, CloseCall America, FairPoint, Lincolnville Telephone Company, Windstream, Charter Communications, TDS Telecom, Matrix, Comtech21


CenturyLink, Verizon,Birch, Broadview Networks, Comcast, Cavalier, CloseCall America, Easton Velocity, Armstrong, Windstream, Atlantic Broadband, PanTerra Networks, RCN (Montgomery County), Matrix, Comtech21


Verizon, Birch, Broadview Networks, DSCI Corp., Comcast, CloseCall America, RCN (Boston Area), Charter Communications, Matrix, Comtech21

Michigan CenturyLink, AT&T, Birch, 123Net, Sage Telecom, Cavalier, CloseCall America, TDS Metrocom, Westphalia Telephone Company, Lennon Telephone Company, MichTel, Frontier Communications, Charter Communications, Comcast, Windstream, Matrix, TelNet Worldwide, BullsEye Telecom, Comtech21.


CenturyLink, Arvig, Arrowhead Electric Cooperative, Birch, Comcast, Sage Telecom, Frontier Communications, Charter Communications, Midcontinent Communications, Minnetonka Telecom, Windstream, TDS Telecom, Matrix, NewCore Wireless, PanTerra Networks, Integra Telecom, Mediacom, Consolidated Communications, Jaguar Communications, US Internet.


AT&T, CenturyLink, C Spire, Birch, Cavalier, Comcast, Deltacom, Windstream, Frontier Communications, MegaGate Broadband, Charter Communications, TDS Telecom, Matrix, Comtech21


AT&T, CenturyLink, Big River Telephone Company, Birch, Windstream, Sage Telecom, KLM Telephone Company, Charter Communications, FairPoint, TDS Telecom, Matrix, Consolidated Communications, Comtech21


CenturyLink,Birch, Charter Communications, Frontier Communications, Matrix, Comtech21

Nebraska AT&T, CenturyLink,Birch, Windstream, Frontier Communications, Charter Communications, Cox, Midcontinent Communications, Matrix, Comtech21


AT&T, CenturyLink, VerizonFrontier Communications, CC Communications, Charter Communications, Cox, Matrix, Telecom North America, TelePacific Communications, Comtech21

New Hampshire

CenturyLink, Consolidated Communications (formerly FairPoint), Broadview Networks, CloseCall America, Bretton Woods Telephone, Dixville Telephone Company, Dunbarton Telephone Company, Granite State Communications, TDS Telecom, Windstream, Matrix, Union Telephone Co, Northland Telephone Co,[9] Comtech21, Comcast

New Jersey

CenturyLink, Verizon, Birch, Broadview Networks, Cavalier, CloseCall America, Covista Communications, Windstream, Charter Communications, Cablevision, Comcast, Service Electric, Matrix, Comtech21

New Mexico

CenturyLink, Birch, Comcast, Cable One, Windstream, Frontier Communications, Matrix, Comtech21, Smith Bagley Inc dba Cellular One of NE AZ

New York

CenturyLink, Verizon, Birch, Broadview Networks, Cavalier, CloseCall America, Pure Minutes Mobile, Frontier Communications, Armstrong, Fairpoint, Windstream, Frontier Communications, Charter Communications, Cablevision, OVETEL Atlantic Broadband, TDS Telecom, Finger Lakes Technologies Group, RCN (Manhattan and Queens), Matrix, The Flat Planet Phone Company, Comtech21

North Carolina:

AT&T, CenturyLink, Birch, Cavalier, Deltacom, Frontier Communications, Windstream, Charter Communications, ATMC, TDS Telecom, Matrix, North State Communications, Comtech21

North Dakota:

CenturyLink, SRT Communications, Birch, Dickey Rural Communications, Bek Telephone, Consolidated Telephone, Midcontinent Communications, TDS Telecom, Matrix, Comtech21


AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier Comm., Verizon, Birch, BuckeyeTel, Buckye Broadband, Cavalier, Charter Communications, Cincinnati Bell, Comtech21, Cox, Earthlink, Fairpoint, Horizon Telcom Inc., MCTV, Matrix, Ohio Digital Business VoIP, Sage Telecom, Spectrum, TDS Telecom, Wide Open West (WOW!), Windstream


AT&T, CenturyLink, Birch, Windstream, Sage Telecom, Cox, Fairpoint, TDS Telecom, Matrix, LOGIX Communications, Comtech21, Encounter Wireless Communications


CenturyLink, Verizon, Birch, Charter Communications, Comcast, Frontier Communications, TDS Telecom, Matrix, TRUSTID, Comtech21


CenturyLink, Verizon, Armstrong, Atlantic Broadband, Blue Ridge Communications, Cablevision, Cavalier, Citizens Telephone Company of Kecksburg, CloseCall America, Comcast, Consolidated Communications, Frontier Communications, Full Service Network, Ironton Telephone Company, Matrix, North-Eastern Pennsylvania Telephone Company, Palmerton Telephone Company, RCN (Eastern PA Area), Service Electric, South Canaan Telephone, TDS Telecom, Charter Communications, Windstream, Birch, Comtech21

Rhode Island

CenturyLink, Verizon, Broadview Networks, CloseCall America, Windstream, Cox, Matrix, Comtech21

South Carolina

AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier Communications, Birch, Atlantic Broadband, Deltacom, Comporium, Frontier Communications, Genesis Telecommunications, Windstream, Charter Communications, Comcast, Hargray, TDS Telecom, Matrix, Waccamaw Telecommunications Systems, Inc.[Farmers Telephone Cooperative], Comtech21

South Dakota

CenturyLink, Birch, Santel Communications, Midcontinent Communications, Matrix, Comtech21


AT&T, CenturyLink, Birch, Deltacom, Windstream, Frontier Communications, EPB Fiber Optics, Charter Communications, TDS Telecom, Ritter Communications, Comcast, Matrix, Comtech21


AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier Communications, Birch, Sage Telecom, Comcast, CloseCall America, Grande Communications, Frontier Communications, ICBS, Charter Communications, Consolidated Communications, Matrix, Windstream, LOGIX Communications, Comtech21


CenturyLink, Bresnan Communications, Comcast, Frontier Communications, Windstream, Matrix, UBTA-UBET, Comtech21

Vermont CenturyLink, Consolidated Communications (formerly FairPoint), Broadview Networks, Charter Communications, TDS Telecom, Matrix, Comtech21


CenturyLink, Verizon, Birch, CloseCall America, CenturyLink, Charter, Cox, Fairpoint, Lumos Networks, Shenandoah Telecommunications (Shentel), Windstream, TDS Telecom, Comcast, RCN (Falls Church), Matrix, Bristol Virginia Utilities, Comtech21


CenturyLink, Frontier Communications (formerly Verizon, GTE), Birch, Comcast, Charter Communications, Fairpoint, Frontier Communications,[10] Hood Canal Communications, Whidbey Telecom, TDS Telecom, Matrix, Comtech21

West Virginia

AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier Communications,Armstrong, Atlantic Broadband, Frontier Communications, Comcast, Matrix, West Virginia Digital Phone, Comtech21


AT&T, CenturyLink, TDS Telecom, FitTech Hosting, Birch, Sage Telecom, CloseCall America, West Wisconsin Telecom, 24-7 Telcom, Tri-County Communications, Richland-Grant Telephone, Baldwin Telecom, Frontier Communications (Formerly Verizon/L-GTE areas), TDS Telecom, Charter Communications (Statewide), Comcast (Manitowoc), Mediacom, Windstream, NewCore Wireless, Matrix, Comtech21


CenturyLink, Birch, Charter Communications, Cellular One, Matrix, Silver Star Communications, UBTA-UBET, Union Telephone Company, Comtech21

Bridging The Digital Divide For All Americans

High-speed Internet access, or broadband, is critical to economic opportunity, job creation, education, and civic engagement. But there are too many parts of this country where broadband is unavailable. Chairman Ajit Pai's top priority is to close the digital divide between those who have access to cutting-edge communications services and those who do not. He believes that every American who wants to participate in the digital economy should be able to do so.

The FCC's 5G FAST Plan

The United States is moving swiftly to lead the world in the next generation of wireless connectivity—or 5G. These new networks and technologies will enable faster speeds and low-latency wireless broadband services, cultivating the Internet of Things and innovations not yet imagined. Under Chairman Pai, the FCC is pursuing a comprehensive strategy to Facilitate America's Superiority in 5G Technology (the 5G FAST Plan). The Chairman's strategy includes three key components: pushing more spectrum into the marketplace; updating infrastructure policy; and modernizing outdated regulations.

The FCC is responsible for managing and licensing the electromagnetic spectrum for commercial users and for non-commercial users including: state, county and local governments. This includes public safety, commercial and non-commercial fixed and mobile wireless services, broadcast television and radio, satellite and other services. In licensing the spectrum, the Commission promotes efficient and reliable access to the spectrum for a variety of innovative uses as well as promotes public safety and emergency response.

FCC Licensing Systems - Universal Licensing System (ULS)

The Universal Licensing System allows electronic filing of applications processed by the Commission. The ULS allows you to indicate the application purpose and radio service code and guides you through the filing process until the application is submitted. The ULS also provides the ability to search for applications by providing information such as a file number, applicant name or application purpose or to search for licenses by providing information such as a call sign, licensee name or radio service. Other features of the ULS include the ability to download, in pipe delimited format, application and license data as well as the ability to use mapping software to visually display the specific location or overall geographic area of wireless licenses.

Broadcast Radio and Television Electronic Filing System (CDBS)

CDBS is Mass Media Bureau's Internet based system which permits electronic filing of broadcast radio and television application forms with the FCC. Public Internet access to these electronic filings as well as station, application, and authorization information is available through the CDBS Public Access Link.

Cable Operations and Licensing System (COALS)

COALS is the Media Bureau's Internet based system which permits electronic filing of Cable Operator and Multichannel Video Programming Distributor (MVPD) forms with the FCC. The Commission allows filers to obtain COALS system log-ins, submit cable community registrations and make operator information changes (see 47 CFR 76.1610). The public can also conduct searches of the Cable and CARS databases.