Some examples of the documentation a Telecommunications Company Registered Agent (also sometimes referred to as a "statutory agent," "registered agent" or "corporate agent") will receive on behalf of telecom companies include:






Statement of Claim



Wage garnishment notices


To serve legal process upon a Registered Agent on behalf of a Telecommunications Company, Get started now, we are here and ready to start when you are.

For your ease of use and access to process serving services please note the following:

1. Since we know the law requires all FCC Telecom companies are required to have a DC Registered Agent on file with the FCC, serving process is easy.

2. All telecom businesses must file a form with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). This form designates a person or a Registered Agent office to accept service of process, legal documents and subpoenas on behalf of telecom companies. The Telecom Company Registered Agent, also called telecom representatives, are third-party companies who we meet with a serve legal documents to everyday throughout Washington D.C..

3. All Telecom carriers are required to appoint a process agent in the District of Columbia.

4. The Telecom Company Registered Agent for service of process is the telecom company statutory agent, located in D.C., and may receive legal actions, subpoenas and notice of any actions against the company in DC. The Telecom Company Registered Agent functions as a conduit between the legal system and the telecom company. This enables court actions to be served in the jurisdiction in which the event occurred, and eliminates the need to search for the location of a telecom domiciled in another jurisdiction. To locate a Telecom Company Registered Agent, please use our search window and type in the agent name and state.

5. The Telecom Company Registered Agent that provide coverage in DC are typically referred to as Telecom Company Registered Agents. All Telecom companies choose a Telecom Company Registered Agent to save time and eliminate the need to find individual agents. No matter if the Telecom Company Registered Agent is compliant or not, we are available to provide our process serving services anywhere and anytime regardless.

What are the Benefits of Having a Telecom Company Registered Agent?

A Telecom Company Registered Agent helps ensure legal documents are received and responded to promptly. By being available all day on all workdays, a Telecom Company Registered Agent will not miss any critical mail deliveries. Having a Telecom Company Registered Agent provides some privacy to its corporate clients keeping information away from public use. Rather than your business's physical address going on the public record with the state, your Telecom Company Registered Agent's information will appear there instead.

Your Telecom Company Registered Agent will make sure you are informed about any paperwork you need to review and on which you need to take action. That will help you stay in good standing because you will avoid missing a statutory deadline that could result in a judgment.

Duties of a Washington DC Telecom Company Registered Agent

The Telecom Company Registered Agent must have a physical location in D.C. A P.O. Box will not suffice. This means if a telecom business conducts business in any or all states, they must appoint a District of Columbia Telecom Company Registered Agent.

Defining a Telecom Company Registered Agent

A Telecom Company Registered Agent is a legal entity or individual appointed under state law to accept service of process and other legal documents on behalf of a telecommunication corporate entities.

The Telecom Company Registered Agent's role is important, especially when a company is located out of state.

Here are a few of the DC Telecom Company Registered Agent responsibilities:

Every company needs a way for the public to contact it regarding legal matters. That is the role the Telecom Company DC Registered Agent serves.

A Telecom Company DC Registered Agent service is a company that accepts notices and services of process for telecommunication companies.

These Telecom Company Registered Agent services have procedures to notify companies when legal documents arrive.

The Telecom Company Registered Agent of a limited liability company is responsible for maintaining a copy of the company's operating agreement and the articles of incorporation.

The Telecom Company Registered Agent must keep the required documents at the location listed in the articles of incorporation.

Our District of Columbia Process Servers meet with and engage a Telecom Companies Registered Agent for the sole purpose of delivering or serving documents in an official capacity.

Some of the most popular types of documents we have delivered and served upon registered agents are as follows:

Bank Levies

Bankruptcy Summons

Cease and Desist


Civil Summons

Class Action Cases

Creditor Summons

Cross Complaints

Cross Complaints

Demand Letters

Evictions and Foreclosures

Family Law

Federal Summons

Federal Subpoenas



Notices and Letters



Personal Subpoenas

Probate Matters

Record Subpoenas

Restraining Orders

Small Claims


Summons and Complaints

Trial Subpoenas

USDC Lawsuits

USDC Subpoenas

Wage Garnishments

Wills and Estates

Witness Subpoenas

Writs of Execution

Writs of Garnishment

What does a Telecom Company Registered Agent do?

Almost every state requires a telecom corporation to have a DC Telecom Company Registered Agent(sometimes called a DC resident agent, DC statutory agent, or DC agent for service of process). The Telecom Company Registered Agent address is the address that will be used by the FCC for any official legal and tax correspondence. The Telecom Company Registered Agent address must be a physical, in-state street address; P.O. Boxes are not acceptable.

The main function of the Telecom Company Registered Agent is to be available during normal business hours so that official legal process may be delivered and signed for if needed.

A Telecom Company DC Registered Agent must be available to receive and sign for official correspondence during normal business hours. They will receive documents from official bodies and notify you, forwarding the information. The type of correspondence they receive includes:

Official letters and correspondence from the Secretary of State, Division of Corporations, or other state government agencies

Responsible for accepting demands and notifications on behalf of telecom corporations

Receiving service of process notices on behalf of a client telecommunications company

Are There Other Names for a Telecom Company Registered Agent?

Telecom Company Registered Agent can be known by various names in Washington DC. These names include:

Agent for Service of Process, Statutory Agent, Telecom Company Registered Agent, and Telecommunications Resident Agent, Telecom FCC and DC statutory Agent.